How to Backup Restore Reset Google Chrome Browser profile

Reset Google Chrome browser :

Please enter the below link into Chrome’s address bar to pull up the Reset Settings dialog box.


Google Chrome Reset Profile settings
Google Chrome Reset Profile settings
Google Chrome Reset settings
Google Chrome Reset settings
  • By using this option and Google Chrome will erase almost everything: your extensions, settings, cookies, history, home page, default search engine, and more.
  • Chrome won’t delete your bookmarks, browsing history, or saved passwords, and your important personal data will be kept safely.

Backup Google Chrome Profile :
Enter Run command ( Win + R) and paste below text (‘jaganinfo‘ is my system profile name)

c:\users\jaganinfo\appdata\Local\Google\chrome\User Data\

Backup Google Chrome Profile
Backup Google Chrome Profile

This should open the profile directory of Chrome. You’ll be able to see a folder named as “default”. If you want to backup your Chrome profile, then just copy this folder and paste it to a safe location.

Restore Google Chrome Profile:
Just replace your backed up “default” folder with old one by using copy-paste method and his Chrome profile will be restored. George bookmarks, extensions, settings and everything will be restored.

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