Limitations of SharePoint 2016

  • SharePoint Foundation

SharePoint Foundation is no longer available in the SharePoint Server 2016. But SharePoint Foundation 2013 remains available for use. Earlier, a free edition of SharePoint that included most of the core functionality and architecture provided by the commercial editions of SharePoint.

  • Single Server Install

Earlier it was possible to install SharePoint on a single server. This is no longer possible in this new version. The removal of this important feature will prove inconvenient for some organizations, although many will be able to leverage cloud server installation instead without facing any problems. Actually Single Server farm is still an option for SharePoint 2016, but you don’t get SQL Server Express included in the installation. If you want to create a single server farm, you’ll need to install SQL Server independently of the SharePoint installation.

  • SP Designer & InfoPath

No new SharePoint Designer – but SharePoint Designer 2013 will work with SharePoint 2016.
InfoPath not available in 2016. 2013 is still supported though, InfoPath Forms Services now are under the question with SP2016.

  • Business Intelligence services

Microsoft has removed business intelligence services from SharePoint 2016. BI capabilities need to be done through SQL Server 2016 RTM (rather than 2014). SQL Server 2014 (SP1) Power Pivot for SharePoint and Power View for SharePoint add-ins cannot be deployed or used with SharePoint Server 2016. To deploy these add-ins you need to upgrade to SQL Server 2016 RTM.

  • Tags and Notes

Microsoft has removed social tagging features such as the ability to “like” certain content. Microsoft not recommending these features because it will be removed in the next release.