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  1. Hello, previously we have opened an account for my girl in post office before 2 years..from that time onwards we are unable to deposit the amount..and house was really located..here post office is very long in distance..so want to create a fresh account in SBI..is it possible or not

  2. Dear sir

    I want to know that I have opened ssa of my daughter. post office give me passbook which includes cutting on mother name and my name is gourav kumar but in system they enter gaurav kumar same as mother name is jyoti rani but enter in passbook only jyoti
    i want to know in future at time of amt withdrawl ,will or will not my daughter face any problem regarding spelling mistake of her parents

  3. Our girl is born in USA, but we have moved to India when she’s 2 months old. Though she has birth certificate from USA, she also has Indian passport and Adhaar card. So she’s indian citizen.
    My question is “Is she eligible to participate under this account?” As i’ve seen Birth certificate is required to open the account.

    Please answer.

    1. Alternative birth certificate for Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana
      But there are certain times where the parent or legal guardian might not have the birth certificate of the girl child. Most of the childbirths in rural areas happen without any official documentation and there is no paperwork such as a birth certificate to prove it. Birth certificate is one of the important documents that is needed in order to open a Sukanya Samriddhi Account but since there is a possibility many people might not have the certificate, the government has chalked out alternative through which the account can be opened. The parents or legal guardians of the girl child can submit these documents as alternatives in the absence of the birth certificate.

      A certificate issued by the Headmaster of the school verifying the date of birth of the girl child
      A certificate issued by the hospital where the girl child was born verifying the date of birth of the girl child
      Passport of the girl child
      PAN Card of the girl child
      Aadhar Card of the girl child.

      For more details :

  4. Can a parent can open a PPF account for himself and say for his daughter and get interest as per the scheme.or any deviations to it.

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